Agents of Change Tour 2011: Creating a Culture of Communities for Change

WHAT: A collaborative and community oriented group of “change agents” coming together to inspire and educate communities and leaders of social change through social enterprise, arts, health and local food. A travelling band of “hippy gypsies” crossing Canada from sea to sea offering workshops, events, energy and effort into building sustainable communities across our nation. Stops in 9 provinces from east to west, lasting one to two weeks. Three group events in each major stop. Freedom to coordinate your own events and itinerary throughout the stay while having a community of fellow travelers sharing your experience.

WHEN: Early August 2011 to Late October 2011 (Approximately 10-14 weeks)

Are you an Agent of Change? 10 Things to Ask Yourself:

Itinerary (A very rough timeline by province starting Monday, August 1, 2011)

Newfoundland – One week**

Nova Scotia – Two weeks

New Brunswick – One week**

Quebec – Two weeks

Ontario – Two weeks

Manitoba – One week

Saskatchewan – One week

Alberta – Two weeks

British Columbia – Two weeks

Total: 12-14 weeks

**May be skipped if lack of interest

Example Itinerary for One Week Visit:

Day 1: Arrive

Day 2: Introductory Evening

Day 3: Free Day

Day 4: Full Day Conference

Day 5: Free Day

Day 6: Farewell Party

Day 7: Depart and arrive at next location

Example Itinerary for Two Week Visit:

Day 1: Arrive

Day 2: Introductory Evening

Day 3-4: Free days

Day 5-7: Three Day Conference

Day 8-12: Free days

Day 13: Final Farewell

Day 14: Depart and arrive at next location

For each province, host three Collective Events:

1) An evening introductory session to answer the questions: What is an Agent of Change? Why are we doing this? What changes do we want to see in the world? Who is participating at this stop? (We could be flexible to have guest “Agents” as hubs working with us in each community area.)

2) A one to three day Intensive Open Space with a series of panel discussions, breakout sessions, workshops, healing groups, and arts projects collaborating our talents for education and inspiration.

3) A final farewell party to bring together the people we have connected with throughout our stay in the area.


Authentic Education, Local Economy Stimulation, Community Networks, Creativity and Expression, Health

Hubs: Who do we want to connect to?

Who you may choose to target your personal workshops and time with will be up to you. It could be school groups, community groups, entrepreneurs, business associations. Your time in between our Collective Events will be yours to do as you choose with. That could mean your own travelling, or collaborating and creating groups within the team for shared interests.

Here is my personal list of priority groups: Rotary Clubs, Transition Towns, Post Carbon Affiliates, Eco-Communities, WOOFing farms, BIA’s, Chambers of Commerce


Food will be mostly left up to the individual to manage day to day. Food for our events could be catered by local, organic, veggie farmers from the “Collective Funds”. Some group members may be opting to visit WOOFing farms, perhaps opening up opportunities for collaborations and exchanges to acquire locally grown food. This trip will also be right around harvest season so there will be lots of fresh local food sources.


Over the next couple weeks I will be starting to do the research around potential venues for the “Collective Events” and establishing connections where the major stops are. This part is certainly open to suggestions.


There are reasons my London friends would know that using unmarked, white utility vehicles would be the best of available choices in this. It would start white anyways, and then be an ongoing travelling art project to make it magical. This makes sense for so many reasons.

1. It’s adaptable to group size, averaging 6-8 people per van during travel and could provide some level of accommodation if other arrangements aren’t made. That way whether five people or twenty, we can easily adapt short notice and have a travelling caravan of awesomeness.

2. When based in each province, it gives a chance for people to spread out in different directions for day trips or touring.

3. They could possibly be adapted to run on biofuels or hybrid, as eco-friendly as possible.

4. People aren’t stuck together. Let’s face it, sometimes personalities may rub the wrong way and having options for travelling mates should prevent friction between group members.

5. Perhaps there is someone who would sponsor this?


1. Couch Surfing or Home Stays

2. Work Exchange

3. Tents

4. The Hippy Vans

Plus: One “luxury” (1-3 nights) stay at each major city for the group to connect and share time together.


  • Word of mouth
  • Web flyer
  • Website
  • Blogs
  • Event Calendar
  • Profiles
  • Media

Project Timelines


  • Organizing information
  • Data collection


  • Promotion Development
  • Establish connections, venues, confirm dates


  • Launch website and begin media promotions


  • Final rally of support before departure

Funding and Revenues

If I were to be doing this on my own, I would likely commit 100% to PWYC workshops, however travelling with a group makes it more sensible to consider options that would provide a more secure financial foundation for this adventure.

Just some ideas to put numbers to this. If we were to charge $100 per person and average a turnout of 100-150 people per major location (x9 stops), that could potentially generate up to $100, 000 to cover the costs associated with our group efforts. It feels a bit early to make assumptions like this, but the point being I see there being a great deal of potential for us to generate revenue to sustain this project through our efforts.

I’m feeling a bit torn about seeking sponsors. On one hand, I think there certainly are companies and organizations out there that would be interested and willing to provide sponsorship for this. On the other hand, I would be very cautious about who would be supporting this and why. Your thoughts?

Budgeting for Expenses

What kind of budget do you see being realistic for yourself?

What financial security would you need to feel confident in participating?

What will the “Collective Revenues” generated be used for?

  • Accommodations
  • Venue and conference fees
  • Vehicle and transportation costs
  • Youth assistance (for participants under 25)?

Collective Profits

Should this experience be so profitable that a substantial amount has accumulated in the “Collective Funds”, then proceeds will be divided among members based on participation. A percentage of proceeds could be donated to starting our own micro-finance program for social entrepreneurs (if I were to throw an idea out there).

NEXT STEPS (if you have made it this far!):

How are you feeling about this idea?

a) 100%: I’m totally in coast to coast and can commit a few hours a week on this project.

b) 80%: I could make an appearance on a few stops and would be happy to assist.

c) 50%: Probably can’t go, but might have some connections or ideas.

d) 25%: Probably can’t go, and not too sure how I could be involved.

e) 0%: You and your silly hippy dreams.

Hubs Databases. I’ve been working on developing the templates required to manage the organization of this. If you picked a) or b), email me directly ( and I shall grant you with access to the Googledocs.

Conference Call: Once responses are in, we can plan for a group conference call so all you amazing people can get to know each other a bit better.

Any suggestions, ideas, immediate considerations at this stage in the planning process? Please, I welcome your input and ideas. Feel free to use the comments section to get to know each other and let the fireworks of ideas fly! At this stage, nothing shall be ruled out as within the scope of possibilities.


One Comment to “Agents of Change Tour 2011: Creating a Culture of Communities for Change”

  1. Selena:

    Organizing initiatives to mobilize and gather ‘change agents’ is timely. As discussed, connecting with people coast to coast in real time creates synergy for taking action that is often missing from the written word, online collaborations, conference calls, and video streaming.

    I am interested in collaboration with you and others to explore mutual goals and objectives and to learn about what each individual will be offering as well as what is required to move projects forward (locally and on tour).

    You may consider listing various stops between major centres. People living within smaller populations are hungry for the programs available in cities. In addition to the conferences you have listed, let us bring programs to smaller populations on a smaller scale while traveling through i.e. evening workshop series and collaboration discussions. Making contact with healing arts centres, wellness clinics, community centres etc. will help to plan logistics while surveying interests prior to
    confirming travel schedule and program dates.


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